David Reeser



Artist Statement
I was born in the distinctive pinelands of Egg Harbor on the Mullica River near the Great Bay and beaches of South Jersey. I found inspiration in the contrasts of dark red water and ochre soil. I was instilled at an early age with a profound apprehension of the flow and changes in natures events, and a desire to represent this visually. Later, settling here in the costal mountains of southern California, I realized a deeper appreciation of the harmony of nature. My paintings and prints demonstrate that through the use of intuitive abstraction, some aspect of the transcendency of the structural beauty in nature can be expressed.


My Process and Bio

I am a painter and printmaker and I often use traditional classical techniques in a completely new and modern way. My intensely active abstract paintings, woodcut prints, and etchings speak with organic and gestural forms. My abstract work is concerned primarily with motion and color. The compositions are contemplated arrangements and organizations of forms which move through and interact with an energized space of color.

The watercolor paintings are technically somewhat different from the traditional way the medium is used. I use many layers of color built up to achieve a greater saturation and density of color.

The woodcut prints are made with the subtraction technique, where a light color is printed then the block is cut away and the next darker or contrasting color is overprinted. The prints are made up of between eight and fourteen layers of color.

I studied with many notable Abstract and Expressionist painters including, T. Lux Feininger and Henry Schwartz at the Boston Museum School. I have always worked with printmaking along with painting and after graduating with a BFA from Tufts Univ., I had the opportunity to study printmaking with Hitoshi Nakazato at the Univ. of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts. There I also worked closely with a master Japanese woodblock printer and carver Shige Tsukaguchi.

I have taught art at both the collegiate and secondary school level, most recently at the Thacher School where I was the Chairman of the Arts Department, and at the Oak Grove School in Ojai.