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Debbie Korbel


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Artist Statement

Everyone knows what it is like to lie on their back and “see” images in the clouds. When I was a child, I would see images not only in the clouds but in many circumstances. The random patterns of linoleum flooring, plaster ceilings or even the way shadows fell across a wall would suggest figures or landscapes to me. As an adult, I approach my sculpture materials the same way by standing back and looking for what I “see” emerge.

I create my assemblage sculptures by using the original sculpted elements combined with an assortment of objects I have collected. Often the initial impetus for the sculpture occurs when I find some interesting fragment of metal or wood. Then an idea takes root and evolves from that “catalyst” piece. Every sculpture is like a puzzle for which I find and fit each seemingly unrelated piece together in its most expressive form in order to create something new.

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Recent exhibitions in Los Angeles include Gallery 825 and TAG Gallery “LA Open,” where her sculpture The Kiss was awarded second place.  Korbel is a native Californian and works out of her studio in Los Angeles.

Debbie Korbel is an artist whose creativity has been applied to various media including painting and sculpture as well as writing television comedy scripts, short stories and song lyrics. Her sculptures have been exhibited and collected internationally and appeared in movie and television shows.  Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries along side of Retna, Ansel Adams, Danny Minnick and John Zimmerman.

She is thrilled to include Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, as one of her collectors.  In 2013, her work received awards in the Spring and Winter issues of Creative Quarterly Magazine.  She has been the subject of newspaper and magazine articles, the latest feature article (August 2018) was published in these three newspapers: The Pasadena Independent, The Monrovia Weekly, and The Arcadia Weekly.  She has also been featured in the October 2018 issue of Beautiful Bizarre magazine and Diversions LA magazine. 

Also, in 2018, she won a coveted spot in a global open call, exhibiting in a public art program run by The Garment District Alliance of New York City. Her art was featured on a banner in Times Square.  This year, 2019, she was awarded 2nd place out of over 1900 entries in the Crocker-Kingsley Museum Annual Exhibition at Blue Line Arts.  Some of her work is currently on display at MOAH (Museum of Art & History) in Lancaster, CA.