Glenn Waggner



Artist story
I grew up in the surf/ skateboard culture of Los Angeles in the 70’s, where I was always sketching and making twisted cartoons, as I still do today. My background was mainly in architecture, and it wasn’t until almost twenty years ago I started painting.

As soon as I tried painting with oils I was hooked. I loved the colors and feel of the medium and how it captured my vividly colored worlds, expressionistic cityscapes and beach scenes. Most of my art comes from my imagination. I like to take a realistic scene and really push the boundaries of what is real.


Description of art and creative process

I create expressionistic, colorful paintings based in reality, but with a twist of some kind. Architecture, urban environments and nature all appear, as does humor in some cases. I want the viewer to imagine themselves in the little world I created and hopefully spark the imagination. In many instances the buildings that appear are like people or characters in the way they twist and interact. Anthropomorphic creatures sometimes appear and act in ways that are unexpected. There is usually some kind of tension in the scene with the creatures that is somehow better portrayed than if people were painted. The titles are always fun, and rarely reveal themselves until the painting is completed.